About ALDAWN Danes
Aldawn Danes was founded in 1972 when I started showing danes.  The name ALDAWN comes from my first two
danes, Alexander of Apotec and Alexander's Golden Dawn, CD (Alex and Dawn = ALDAWN).

We reside in Northern California where we share our home with our 4 legged "kids" ---- canine, equine and feline.  
We strive to breed top quality dogs who are healthy and have good temperaments.  We do health checks before
breeding our animals and are devoted to breeding the truest conformation and the healthiest Great Dane.

As guardians of this wonderful breed, we strive to preserve the beauty and nobility it is known for, while keeping in
mind the brains, working ability, structure and substance required.  We strongly believe that we must continue to
breed for this working ability, and so our focus includes selecting for these traits.

It is our hope that our dogs will be healthy first and be able to successfully compete
in the conformation ring, as well as other performance venues.  We have a preference
for dogs that have correct natural ears that are also correctly placed on the head.  
We are not against ear cropping and feel that this is a choice that should be left up
to each individual, but personally we just prefer the softer look that a Great Dane
has with natural ears.

We are members of the Great Dane Club of America, Monterey Bay Great Dane Club
and the Great Dane Club of Northern California.

Hope you enjoy your visit with our Danes!
Our Gentle Giants


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